llth General Assembly of Loamc-PH

Wishing for the gift of bilocation. Am in Bislig City at the 11th General Assembly of LOAMC. But this afternoon in QC at NCPAG, the Galing Pook Foundation is also having its annual general assembly.

Both organizations are driven by the belief that participatory good local governance is one of the most effective strategies to bring about the changes we want in our country, not in one grand instant, but in many different places, at different times. Through initiatives like Galing Pook and LOAMC, they can inspire one another, learn from one another, and come together to create an impact that is greater than a mere aggregation of their individual efforts. In a mantra from our activist past, “quantitative changes can transform to qualitative changes.”

11 General Assembly of Loamc Phils

I am in Bislig City (the Organic Capital of Asia) representing Regeneration International 🌏 at the 11th General Assembly of the LOAMC Phils. to sign the “Regeneration Philippines” Memorandum of Understanding 🇵🇭. 👏👏👏to LOAMC (a group of +200 municipalities, cities and provinces) for its pledge to address climate change through soil health ☀️🌧🌿🌤🌾🌾🌾🌾🌏🙏

Changing the mindset of Future Agri Investors today is securing the life of future generations.

04062019-0804. Changing the mindset of Future Agri Investors today is securing the life of future generations.Every time the production and processing chain is linked, the agriculture development is unfolding towards rural development.

But the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United Nations also pointed out on its 2050 Forecasting in Food and Agriculture that the “Business as Usual” mode of interventions in conventional agriculture is not securing the welfare of future generations. This is the challenge on the architect of our PH AgriDevt Path for the Future. Changing the mindset of Present Investors today in Agri Devt is securing the life of future generations.

But Investing of agricultural development is not equal to investing of sustainable agricultural development. The interplay of key societal stakeholders is essential in our modern society to produce modern farmers/family farms, modern processors, traders, consumers, modern development thinkers and modern professors/teachers among others. And there are best examples of True Sustainable Agriculture Development in Family Farms, municipal/city/state-wide in the PH and the world.