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BETTER BEFORE BIGGER in addressing Hunger in communities

Yesterday was with the Mayors of different Municipalities and Cities of LOAMC (League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities & Cities). Celebrated our partnership with SEAOIL Foundation and LOAMC in establishing 93% hunger free in the Sustainable Farms that the LGU’s are working with farmers.

The mayors were talking about scaling up and I shared our mantra in Seaoil…. Better Before Bigger. This is a deep belief that as we make our work better, the scaling will eventually and inevitably follow.

In moving our partnership forward with LOAMC, I proposed to deepen our strategy in leveraging the Family Farms model towards the SDG Goal 2 (Sustainable Development Goals) to achieve zero hunger in the communities we are working with.

One of the key learnings for me came from a conversation with Mayor Jason Gonzales of Lambunao, Iloilo. He is an awarded mayor in Agriculture that have developed champion farmers in order to help change traditional behaviors in farming and set a new culture in his town. He said, “There has to be formation at the farmer and family level. This is the very core of our strategy.” 
From the first year of our partnership with LOMC, we established that the sustainable farms we advocate can attain food security in farming families. Now we hope to make it BETTER by looking at formation tools and improving existing systems in order to align Nutrition and Agriculture strategies in LGU’s.

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