02082019-1948. LOAMC-PH on Alternative Guarantee System in Organic 3.0 and Global Case Studies in Organic Food System.

The LOAMC-PH(League of Organic Agriclture Municipalities and Cities in the Philippines) as the only national organization of over 140 Mayors in the Philippines( represents at least 7% of the PH municipalities/cities) is working on the alternative guarantee system beyond the farm level. Currently, the LOAMC-PH in cooperation with SFI(SEAOIL Foundation Inc) and DA-ATI(Department of Agriculture -Agricultural Training Institute) 
is in the final stage of completing the Municipal-wide Investment Master Plans of its 7 pioneering member municipalities as the Societal Development Agenda operational strategy of Sustainable Organic Food Systems, Healthy Lifestyles and Consumption. Part of this is a transition process of a municipal-wide guarantee system which will be supported by the legal instruments.

In the Philippine context where the landholdings average is less than 2 hectares, the third party guarantee/certification system is not appropriate for small farmers specially our OGS still adopted the commodity-based certification- a very expensive and not helping the small farmers and the development of Organic Agriculture in the country. This is where the LOAMC-PH can possibly contribute to an Alternative OGS which will meet the elements of Organic 3.0. And a unique 2 Philippines’ cases to the 10 Global Case Study on Organic Food System of the UN 10YFP (10 Year Framework of Programs) in cooperation with the University of Kassel in Germany and IFOAM-Organics International and with David Gould
of the Global FoodChain ID.