Farm Mechanisation or Organic Farm Mechanisation and the Intensified Asset Base Sustainable Organic Agriculture (ABSOA) Revolutions

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11252018-0936. Farm Mechanisation or Organic Farm Mechanisation and the Intensified Asset Base Sustainable Organic Agriculture (ABSOA) Revolutions

These are two terms of similar meaning but of different development paradigm.

Both use the machine. However, the Farm Mechanisation is the business as usual in agriculture development involving agrochemicals, HYVs and/or GEOs/GMOs without consideration to COP 21 Parish Lima accord on Soils and Climate or simply the Net Carbon Sequestration to mitigate climate change. The Organic Farm Mechanisation is a sustainable agriculture development framework that at the minimum brings single solution with multiple benefits including compliance to COP 21 and internally the RA 10086.

We at SAFEGCC INC. (Sustainable Agriculture Family-centered Entrepreneurial Group of Co-Creators, Inc.)-BREAD LIFFE SCHOOL (Biodynamic Rice-based Ecointensification Agri-ecotour-industry Diversfied Learning Investment Family Farm Entrepreneurial School)
level up the Ecointensification systems with the accession of small farm machines and the Infra Red Thermometer (IRT). The operationalisation of 1.4 hectare Climate-resilient Family Farm Investment Master Plan (FFIMP) (with on farm research and innovations, small infra including lived-in accommodation for 30 max persons, vegetable garden, rice-fish integration, Soil and plant Health Quality (SPHQ) Laboratory, Rain harvesting, drum-based water filtration for computer generated livestock and poultry, renewable energy from biogas and solar panels, biodegradable biomass management and Victoriano ‘s Black Rice Blend (VBRD) as LED (Life Energy Drink) among others, is internally driven- meaning, without external funding.

The IRT is used to monitor the required temperature to produce high quality Bacterial and Fungal Fertilisers for annual and perennial crops, respectively. Everybody (even children) can do composting but NOT everybody can do and produced high quality compost.

By Q1 of 2019, we’ll be starting to study a “Fresh Water Bangus Culture” with our own generated feeds. We hope to intensify the revolutions of Asset Base Sustainable Organic Agriculture (ABSOA) in this part of Misamis Oriental and beyond.

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