Steering Committee Meeting on Organic Food System Priogram under the UN 10 Year Framework Program (10YFP) in Partnership with IFOAM-Organics International and coordinated by the Dept. of Organic Food Qualityand Food Cullture in Kassel University. KU is the only Organic University in the World.

The SC finalized the operational framework of the 10 Global Case Studies as living laboratories: Brazil, Tansania, Sweden, Italy, France, India, China, South Korea, and Philippines in 2 LOAMC-PH member municipality and city.

Explored also the posdible expanded partnership of the KU Department with the FARM Sci-NASSA (Farmers Scientists Networks for the Advancement of Smart Susttainable Agriculture of the Philippines) and the Graduate Students Exchange for the International Organic Food System Program under fellowship support- I’ll be searching for 2 appropriate university partners in PH.