Today we presented the Intermediate impact study of the LGU’s and Family Farms we piloted to DA-ATI (Department of Agriculture-Agri Training Institute). The goal of the presentation was to deepen our partnership with ATI in scaling our engagement of Local Government Units, Mayors, and Farming Families in Rural Areas.

It was a long meeting with Director Luz Taposok. as we all shared our experiences and struggles. Dir Luz had so much experience to share. I was impressed with Nick Jay Arr Engallado for doing a great job synthesizing the analyses under the guidance of Prof. Victoriano Tagupa.

Talked briefly about the hunger inclusion index/score we also piloted to measure the participation of the farming families that lead to food security and sufficiency.

All the participating LGU’s are aligning their Agri Development plans with their budgets.

This is a partnership between LOAMC (League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities & Cities), DA-ATI, and SEAOIL Foundation.

Congrats to the LOAMC and SEAOIL Foundation team for a great modeling.