Action beyond Legislation: The Life of Biodiversity beyond Policy Framework

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IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) Asia 3rd Organic Asia Congress(3OAC) in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur on Sept 16-22, 2018.


“Action beyond Legislation: The Life of Biodiversity beyond Policy Framework”

Visited the 18 hectares Timber-based Organic Agroforestry (OTAF) of SP Romeo F. Cacayan, Chaiperson of City Agriculture Committee. SP Cacayan authored the City Ordinance on Lima-Paris Voluntary Action Plan relative to Soils and Climate. The OTAF main land use is Falcata Timber and associated land use of Abaca, Cacao, Coffee, coconut, banana, vegetables, free range chicken, taro/root crops, impounded water ways tilapia fishpond, piggery and nature’s cave among others.

Organic Agriculture is indeed “Life Giving Agriculture”. The 200 sq. meter (0.02 ha) pepper spice/vegetable extended its Life to over a year with accumulated harvest of 200 kg and still in progress. The accumulated annual equivalent gross income is 10,000 pesos or roughly equivalent to PHP 500,000.00 (USD 9,000.00) in a hectare.

The Timber-based vegetative cover contributes to Carbon Sequestration or Carbon assimilation instead of adding more Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq.) to the atmosphere, thereby reduce Climate Change impacts. This 18 hectares OTAF of SP Cacayan is a typical representation of at least 10,000 hectares of Bislig City Landscape In-Organic Conversion that serves as the “Way of Life” of Bisliganon

If you want to know more, log your time in visiting OTAF as one destination of 3OAC Organic Tour in order to know more the “Life of Biodiversty beyond Policy Framework” by SP R. F. Cacayan.

With IFOAM Asia President Dr. Zhou Zejiang, Vice Mayor Cacayan, SP Cacayan and Cacayan’s Family.


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