there’s always a reason to be happy here in Pilipil’s Happy Organic Farm owned by Winston Timidan

happy view. cervantes scenic landscape and the abra river
happy food. igorot delicacies prepared from organic veggies and native chicken
happy technology. new innovations and progressive farm planning
happy neighbours. learning from and following Winston in the organic practice
happy friends. more than an assessment and the visit, diba tol?!
happy family. together in everything
happy home. just happy!

… this happens because Mayor PB Maggay II is a happy leader who sees the potential in organic farming that will bring lasting happiness to cervantes, with his happy team MAO Cecilia Sawey, ES Engr Cesar Pe and the OA Focal Jr Abando for the BLG-ABSOAD

Why farmers practicing the sustainable and organic ways are happy? ask Loam Phils, Sir Vic I. Tagupa and Mayor Rommel Arnado