Achieving 87% Hunger Free in the Family Farms of 7 LGU’s.

Jess Lorenzo: I attended the League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities and Cities (LOAMC) and the DA-Agriculture Training Institute to discuss updates for the first cohort of 7 LGU’s and 32 Family Farms. The initial results of the impact study was already shared to me and I was so delighted to hear that the 87% of the families who participated in the Family Farms are now hunger free. The Agi Enterprise Leadership in Governance program for Sustainable Agriculture is a program in partnership with LOAMC, SEAOIL Foundation, and the Department of Agriculture – Agri Training Institute. It engages Local Government Leaders towards improving the agriculture system and economy of their communities. We will be having the second module of the training in August at Gen. Nakar, Quezon. Proud of the Mayors that were dedicated to be part of the program. Congratulations to LOAMC for leading this initiative with the Mayors. Congrats to the SEAOIL Foundation team for a great learning and work.