Heart and Soul of Sustainable Agriculture with Korean Christian Life Giving Agriculture (KCLGA) Movement.
When Xavier University College of Agriculture Complex (XUCAC) Dean and Director Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ.D.D. founded the Xavier University Sustainable Agriculture Center (XUSACenter) in 1991 November, I started to operationalise the 7 Dimensions of Sustainable Agriculture ( 7 DSA) Development Framework and its Philosophies. During that early inception stage of XUSACenter (1991-2000), it was liked the period of giving a Flesh to the development framework with the early pioneers from the farmers (that stand until today), re. Nicasio Engallado, Tongantongan Barangay Captain Judy B. Pogado, etc. and the 26 CSO representatives from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines that participated the month long course of 1995 First South East Trainers’ Training on Sustainable Agriculture (SEATTSA). The month long SEATTSA was officially part of the 6 month rural leadership course of XU SEARSOLIN(South East Asia Rural Social Leadership Institute) from 1997 until the last 17th year of SEATTSA 2012 ( end of my term as ED of XUSACenter) with at least 85% alumni distributed in South East Asia from over 400 alumni in Asia, Pacific and Africa.
In-depth understanding of the 7 DSA Development Framework and Philosophies is essentially the CORE of sustaining the initiatives and innovations on the living philosophy beyond reductionist mindset of science and technology. That all forms of LIFE is anchored on living nature as Gift from God our Absolute Creator.
Sustainable Agriculture Development is now the stage on the living connectivity of Human Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit in ONE with Nature and societies of living creatures to give Life to Agriculture and Organic 3.0.